14th World Carp Classic 2012 – 485 carp weighing 5,013kgs!

485 carp weighing 5,013kgs

More anglers than ever before caught

320 representing 28 countries participated

The scene was set, and what a splendid scene it was… We had warned participants weeks in advance that possibly the most difficult challenge they would face in this year’s event would be to not fall in love with Lake Bolsena and the surrounding area. Those words proved to be lost on most as, predictably, they inevitably fell for its irresistible charms. Without question, the location is stunning, and if there is a more perfect venue for the World Carp Classic, we’d like to hear about it!

The event generated immense excitement from the moment that competitors began to arrive in bivvy city and it was clear from that point onwards that we had something very special ahead of us. The opening ceremony was truly spectacular, inspirational even. With a local drum band beating out a stirringly rhythmical march, the procession travelled along the ancient cobbled streets of Bolsena which form the original Pilgrims way, from Canterbury to Rome.

Following closely behind the drum band was a chariot drawn by two white horses whilst, onboard the chariot Ardy Veltkamp, with his muscles pumped and glistening in the sun, really looked the part in his gladiator attire. Frank Warwick also joined in with the spirit of the occasion and, dressed as a Roman soldier, complete with body armour, shield, gladius and helmet, Frank commented with a grin on his face “It’s amazing what you will agree to when someone gets you drunk”.

The draw for pegs was, as always a tense affair but because the lake was an unknown quantity to the huge majority of anglers, the draw was one of uncertainty. This was the very first time that such a huge event had taken place on Bolsena and, as such, nobody could predict which areas would produce more than others, much less predict the top pegs.

The following day, dawn broke over bivvy city to the sights and sounds of anglers busily packing down their bivvies, loading bedchairs into their vehicles and generally preparing to move to their swims amid a hail of excited chatter. This was it, 320 competitors plus team runners fully energised by their adrenalin fuelled enthusiasm, swarmed around the banks of the great lake to install themselves into their swims. The next 5 nights would perhaps be definitive for them, as nobody could be sure of what lay in store.

The wind and rain experienced up until the very last day of the event certainly influenced where the majority of fish would be caught, but nonetheless, carp were caught in many areas other than the more windward banks. Those fortunate enough to draw pegs facing the wind certainly faired a little better than others, but that’s fishing… or rather, that’s the weather for you! A strange and unusual pattern emerged very quickly, as some areas were producing fish almost exclusively at night, whilst others were producing fish mainly during daylight hours. This, of course, only added further to the mystery of Bolsena. What a truly amazing place it is!

The constantly changing leader-board perhaps reflected the fluctuating winds over the first few days, and as the wind increased in strength and maintained a steadier direction it began to show in the later catch reports. Surprisingly, many of the carp being caught were well below the estimated average size, and the better sized fish begun to put in more of an appearance midway through the contest. Despite the numbers of small carp, the event recorded an average size of 10.4kg, and we are pleased to say that there were a number of really good fish caught.

Reports of countless lost fish were coming in, but even that didn’t noticeably harm the catch rate. In fact, we were on course to smash the record for total fish caught, and by quite some margin. There were an astonishing 485 carp weighed in, despite a guesstimated 100 carp lost! There were, as expected a very small number of mirror carp caught, with the biggest being a beautiful fish weighing 21.5kg. The total of 485 carp weighed in at massive 5,013kg.

The first fish of the competition was an 11.9kg common carp caught by Daniele Sciubba of Italy from PV-TV peg 3.

  • • The biggest fish of the event was a superb common of 22.5kg caught by Peter Micula of Romania.
  • • The hotly contested Team event was won by JRC Europe1 consisting of Thomas Vanek & Peter Hofierk, Andrea Campanini & Fillippo Mongrandi, Stewart Downing & Rob Nunn, who amassed a Team total of 382.2kg
  • • 2nd place went to PV-TV Europe’s Radu Morar & Josef Acs, Peter Micula & Norbert Pongracz and Victor Hodorog & Cristian Radeanu with a team total of 373.8kg – and finished just one reasonable fish off the winners total!
  • • Big Fish Richworth claimed 3rd spot, with Peter Wilson & Yohan Lidon, Bernado Bruschi & Lorenzo Luciani and Sylvain Schumacher & Katy Henry bagging a very respectable 278.3kg

Section Winners

  • ATT Section: Peter Tuczai & Christophe Tuczai of Austria with 173.6
  • Carping Club Section: Andrei Vladeanu & Andrea Popescu of Romania with 185.9kg
  • CC Moore Section: Ardy Veltkamp (Holland) & Richard Simeons (Italy) with 190.9kg (PV-TV)
  • Jetfish Section: Matteo Montanari & Simone Martini, Italy, with 98.9 (Outdoor International)
  • Pescalis Section: Emillan Parashiv & Catalin Duta with Romania, with 202.3kg
  • PV-TV Section: Steve Howard & Danny Ormiston, England, with 128.3kg (SBS Tactical Bait Products)
  • Richworth Section: Arkadiusz Zaremba & Andrzej Walczak, Poland, 68.4kg
  • Rod-Box Section: a draw was done
  • SBS Tactical Baits Section: Antonio Serani & Guido Cappella, Italy, with 65.2kg

. Outdoor International a draw was done

World Carp Classic Champions 2012

  • 1st place: Peter Micula & Norbert Pongracz, Romania, with 329.9kg
  • • 2nd place: Andrea Campanini & Fillippo Mongrandi, Italy, 253.7kg
  • • 3rd place: Peter Wilson (England) & Yohan Lidon (France), 210.2kg


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