40 hours in Harsány

After the long winter, which didn’t seem to want to end, we went straight into summer, with 25 celsius daily temperature. We just couldn’t resist the weather and were planning our angling trip, the first of 2013. We thought we should go to the Harsány Lake, about which we heard good things. Especially the results of last years event, which ended with 16 pieces of 20+ kg carp caught, which is impressive. The biggest fish was above 26 kg. And all this on boilies.

So this was the place we chose for our weekend angling trip, as it suited all our needs. It’s close to Szatmárnémeti, about 200 kms from us. Tons of fish and lots of huge ones to boot. A perfect boilie angling lake, frequented by boilie anglers. Need I say more?

Following a quick peek at the website, www.harsanyhorgasz.hu we were ont he phone with the owner, Péter Tóth. As we found out we were quite lucky, as the boilie pegs were all taken for almost the whole of the year, but lucky for us, someone cancelled his reservation, so he was looking forward to seeing us.

We did some info gathering about the lake and arrived well prepared on Friday evening. On this lake you have to fis hat a distance of 120-130 meters. As the water is used all around the year, the fish are vary, you can get the big ones from behind your feeding. We also heard that you have to feed in huge masses and regularly. After placing our buoys we started feeding, using all the usual gear of long distance angling.

The boilies used, the new stuff from PVTV, the boilie series „The One”

We put in a few pieces after every fish, a strategy which worked well on chanpionships so far.

Our endtackle was a Nash helicopter rig. Ideal for long distances, if you want to avoid tangles.

Size 8 Nash Fang-X hooks, and size 10 Twisters. An 18 mm-es The Red One dissolving boilie ont he hair rig. The fish didn’t make us wait for long and proved the legend of the harsány lake, also the fact that our boilies are great.

This is how it all started. 10+ kg carp.

During our 40 hours, we caught more than 70 carp. We removed our tackle from the water for a few hours on Sunday morning, as we had to get some rest. The fish were a nice size as well, 7 carp above 15 kg, with a 19,2 kg one as our largest.

A perfect 16,7 kg mirror Carp

3 10+ carp and the proud lake owner, all in one picture

The filming of this 18,7 kg-os carp got interrupted by another incoming Carp

The nights were eventfull, as can be seen by this 15,6 kg mirror

The star of our 40 hour angling trip, a 19,2 kg common.

Another Harsány common carp: 17,6 kg

These magnificent fish gave us great fights

We return every carp to its natural habitat carefully…

…see you next time!

The new boilie family „The One” worked great, as usual. It performed great on events, private angling trips, and inHarsány as well. Carp just can’t resist it.

Even if we didn’t reach the 20kg dream limit, which many anglers manage in Harsány, we were satisfied. Thanks to Péter Tóth for the opportunity and the warm welcome. We wish you the same great experience that we had.

Carp in special colours, size isn’t the only important thing

May your rod bend! : )

PV TV Team Romania

Rémus Lenghel
Pictures: Rémus Lenghel, Péter Micula