V. European Professional Boilie Cup – 2013.06.02-07. – Hungary, Maconka

V. European Professional Boilie Cup – 2013.06.02-07. – Hungary, Maconka

XX. SBS – PV TV – Maconka International Boilie Cup


Entry list:



Time calendar:

Confirmation of application, Notice of completition of documents by BSHE: within 30 days of receival

OR published: május 21.

Modifications and changes published: within 3 days of approval

Consideration of applications, notification by BSHE: may 22.

OR cannot by modified from: may 28.

Preliminary payments and publication of registration list: may 24.,26.

Finalizing the registration list, overall and sector judges appointed: may 26.

Finalizing the registration list: május 26.[¾08]

Establishing the draw order, publishing event map: may 28.

Reception of teams, maps available: june 01. 12:00 – june 02. 11:00

Forming the jury, public meeting: june 02. 09:00-09:30

Duration of the event: june 02-07., sunday-friday


Deadline for arrival: 11:00

Registration and making the last payment, Food stamps and menus handed out: 07:00-08:00, 09:30-12:00

Last chance to change 1 angler in the team, draw: 12:30

Moving into the pegs: around 14:00, after the draw

Start of feeding: 15:00 - one long hornsound -

Start of angling: 17:00three long hornsounds -

Posting of the official participant list, draw and locations: around 20:00

Heavy feeding: sunday 16:00-19:00, Monday-thursday 07:00-19:00, friday 07:00-10:00

Official buoy-adjustment times: Monday-thursday 07:00-19:00

Receiving guests: Monday-thursday 9:00-19:00, and ont he closing ceremony

Midterm results published: Monday-Thursday at midday and int he evening

Remonstrations: : for midterm results before the announcement of the next midterm results

Meals: Monday-friday 13:00-14:30


End of event: 12:00  - three long hornsounds -

Remonstrations against the final result: LATEST 14:00

Awards ceremony: around 15:00

Obligatory photo shooting, interviews: around 16:00-17:00

Publication of final result on the internet: around 19:00

Publication of official results and statistics by: june 17

Refunding advance payments in case of event not being held (Vis Maior):: june 25.

Revision of delegational system: october 31.


I. General Rules

1. The European Cup (event) can be held twice a year, during the spring and near the end of summer, taking the Hungarian and international event dates into consideration.

2. The exact date will be published at least 6 months before the start of the event [¾01] by the organizers (BSHE) on the websites www.maconka.eu and the maconka.haldorado.hu.

3. The event is an open international team event. A team can consist of two or three anglers, using a maximum of 4 rods. Entering contestants younger then 18 years is only possible with the permit of BSHE, entering a child below 12 years is not possible.

4. All contestants must posess a valid Hungarian National Angling Permit for the year. This permit can be obtained on the location from BSHE, if the angler can provide proof of being entitled to it by presenting a permit from a previous year or a similar document from his own country.

5. The event will be held in 3 or 5 sectors (A,B,C,D,E), with a minimum of 5, maximum of 8 teams per sector, and an overall minimum of 18, maximum 36 teams, according to the Maconka classification as per the international rules.

6. The sectors will be designated to offer equal chances to every participant.

7. IN case of some teams not being able to make it, Vis Maior, some pegs will be removed. These will be selected based on the results of the previous events held on Maconka, taking the suggestions of the participants into consideration.  The list of pegs, areas and all other important information will be published in appendix 1, Event Map.

8. It will take the registration of at least 18 teams from 5 countries before the deadline, and having at least this many teams, from this many countries turn up at the start of the event to be able to hold the event as laid down in the OR, and to be able to qualify it as a European Cup.

If these conditions are not met, the organizers will have to make changes to the OR, taking the oppinion of the anglers into consideration.

II. Signing up, registration and advance payment

9. Signing up is only possible in written form, on one of the following adresses: maconka@maconka.hu or maconka@maconka.eu (e-mail); +36 32 355-077 (fax); BSHE, H 3070 Bátonyterenye, Ózdi út 220. (mail).

10. The registration form, appendix number 3, must include: country of origin, name of the team, name of the team captain, name, year of birth and nationality of team members. Information about the angling licence, name and availabilities of the contact person, and a bank account number, to which the advance payment can be refunded, in case the event can not be held (Vis Maior). BSHE reserves the right to ask for further information. All participants must agree to BSHE storing these informations for further use concerning angling events. Only applications accepted are ones with a completely filled out registration form, appendix number 3. Confirmation of receipt, in case of acceptance a registration number or in case of missing information a request for completion of the document will be sent within 30 days of receipt [¾02]. In case of emails, time of receipt is the confirmed time of opening the email.

11. In order to guarantee the quality of the event and establish a competitive event, BSHE has created a delegational system for the countries, taking the results of the previous 19 Maconka International Boilie Cups into consideration. To further promote the events international character, well known anglers who have taken part on the previous events have been asked to act as official organizers in their countries. The organizers are responsible for the validity of the information supplied by the applicants from their country and the timely arrival of the teams accepted as competitors on the location. The delegational system will be revised by 31.10.2013 [¾03] The delegational system is appendix nr. 4 of the OR, the list of organizers is appendix nr. 5.

12. Consideration and acceptance or rejectance of applications by BSHE happens untill 22.05.2013 [¾04]. BSHE can appoint 3 reserve teams, that will receive a separate agreement. The exact dates and the timeline of events associated with the event can be found in the timetable, appendix nr. 6.

13. BSHE does not have to justify its decisions concerning accepting or rejecting applications. BSHE states that it will take the importance of having both national and international teams attend into consideration. At the same time BSHE will pay attention to finding a balance between having the teams that have taken part on previous events and newcomers attend. The actual registration and advance payment dates will also be taken into consideration.

14. BSHE reserves the right to hold official qualifiers. The qualifiers will be held according to the rules of the OR, any deviation from these is only possible by written consent of BSHE.

15. All the winners of the previous Maconka International Cups, and the 1st through 3rd and sector winners of the last chanpionship to be held before the event have the right to decide whether they want to take part on the event. They still have to follow the procedures as set down in the OR, keeping the registration and advance payment deadlines, or they forfeit this right.

16. The registration and attendace fee is 150.000HUF/team, or 500 Euros for foreign teams. The fee includes the teams whole costs, including their contribution to the prize table (appendix nr. 7). BSHE reserves the right to give a discount to certain teams at its own cost, without changing the prize table.

17. Every team has the right to replace one team member or add another participant, up to a maximum of 3 anglers, after their application has been accepted, but before the draw commences [¾05] Handing their participation right over to another team is only possible by written consent of BSHE. The changes have to be validated by marking them on the Registration form, appendix nr. 3. No team member can be replaced during the event, but in case of one or more team members becoming incapacitated, a Vis Maior case confirmed by BSHE, the remaining angler or anglers can continue the event with all 4 rods.

18. The advance payment of fees, 85.000 Ft or 300 Euro must be made within 30 days of receiving the confirmation mail from BSHE, 24.05.2013 at latest [¾06]. The remaining sum can either be paid on location in cash, or to BSHEs bank account at OTP Bank, account number: 11741055-20005162-00000000. For foreign teams, IBAN number is     HU85-1174-1055-2000-5162-0000-0000. Please send the confirmation of the transfer to BSHE, the adresses can be found in point 9 of this document.

19. The list of participants will be prepared after the arrival of the advance payments, but no later the 26.05.2013 [¾07] and will be published on the websites mentioned in point 2 of this document. The list will only contain team names and anglers names, in the form they were given. Complaints and observations can be made untill 28.05.2013 [¾08] after which the list will be considered finalized and no further changes can be made.

20. If the event is canceled, or the participants can not take part on it for unforeseen reasons (Vis Maior), the advance payments will be refunded within 30 days [¾09] to the bank account numbers supplied on the registration forms. If a team can not take part due to any other reason of their own, the advance payment will not be refunded.

21. Vis Maior cases for the participants are: unforeseen illness, accident, being obligated by the authorities to be present at a given date/location for official reasons (participant has to provide proof of this). For the organizers, Vis Maior cases are: a water level higher then 550 cms or lower then 400 cms, or a serious pollution of the water, confirmed by authorities.

22. If a Vis Maior case occurs during the event, and less then 50 % of the total event time has passed, the event and all so far results will be cancelled, and a new event, with the same participant list, will be held at the next event time, with the same peg allotment. If a Vis Maior case occurs during the event and more then 50 % of the total event time has passed, the event will be considered finished and the result at that exact time will count as final result. Canceling, suspending or finishing the event is the sole responsibility of the main judge.

23. The remaining fee has to be paid during the registration process at latest. Making the payment is the fundamental condition of taking part on the draw.

24. The participants have to acknowledge that they have read, understood and that they accept the OR of the event, that they shall submit themselves to the decisions of the jury before they are allowed to take part on the draw (appendix nr. 8).

III. Organizational Regulations

25. The BSHE will appoint a jury in order to guarantee the proper facilitation of the event according to the OR. The head of the jury will be the president of BSHE, additional members will be 2 weighting judges from BSHE and 3 person delegated by the participants. These will be selected by the participants during the opening ceremony. The jury has to made up of representatives of at least 3 nations. The jurys decisions will be made based on simple majority, in case the result is undecided, the head of the jurys vote decides. The jurys list will be appendix nr. 9.

26. The following belong to the organizational crew of the event: members of jury, marshalls, sector judges, technical and administrative personnel. The head of the jury and the weighting judges have the right to instruct the participants.

The rest of the jury and the other members of the crew have to report to the head of jury, or in his absence, to the appointed weighting judge.

27. Reporting participant behaviour or actions opposing the OR, or not accepting a midterm or final result counts as Protestation. This can only be made in written form. If said protestation is made against a midterm result, it must be handed in at least an hour before the announcement of the next midterm result [¾10]. The administrative costs of a protestation are 14.000 HUF or 50 Euros. If the jury finds the protestation to be justified, this amount will be refunded.

28. Team placement will happen as per the guidelines set down in points 5.-7. The pegs and the areas will be visibly marked. The buoys can be placed at 100 meters from the shore, the fishable area will be at least 40 meters wide. Feeding is prohibited in the neutral zones, between the fishable areas. White buoys or similar markers will show the borders of these areas.

29. Reception of the teams happens from 12.00 on 01.06.2013 [¾11]. Parking and camping areas are available at the guardhouse. All teams must arrive before 11.00 on 02.06.2013, monday [¾12].

30. The order in which the pegs are chosen will be decided by a draw. The order of this draw will be decided by BSHE. The teams then draw numbers, which numbers will represent the order in which they get to choose their pegs. Choosing the pegs happens before the map of the lake. Every team, apart from the alst one has the possibility to replace their first drawn number, if they do no want to accept it. That number will be returned into the system. The team will have to accept the second drawn spot. The last team will have to accept the last free spot. Every team has a maximum of 2 minutes to make the choice. As of that point the teams will be identified and/or mentioned by their peg numbers as well.

31. The teams can only move to their pegs after the draw is over. The cars will have to be parked in the areas appointed by the jury. These will be marked on the map. Entering or leaving the areas with a vehicle during the event is only possible with consent of the organizers.

32. Tents can be set up inside the appointed areas. Trailers can be parked in the areas appointed by the jury.

33. Making campfires is only allowed in the appointed places.

34. The participants can, after informing the sector judge, leave their pegs for           60 minutes for lunch and 1×60 and 3×30 minutes every day, one person at a time. The teams can receive guests between 09.00 and 19.00 hours every day [¾13]. The guests have to follow the rules of behaviour as laid down in points 37 and 47. The sector judge, who has to be informed about every movement of the participants outside of the pegs, also has the right to instruct the guests. The guests can not be within 5 meters of the rods at any time.

35. BSHE will provide a hot meal and 0.5 liters of mineral water for the anglers with food stamps from monday tofriday at 13.00 [¾14] in the buffet, or delivered to the pegs on demand. Further meals will have to be ordered and paid for by the participants. If there is demand for vegetarian meals, the partipicants have to give notice up front by marking it on the registration list.

36. BSHE provides 3 buildings on the south shore and 2 mobile toilettes on the dam area for the participants sanitary needs.

IV. Angling and weighting rules

37. The Official Rules have been created based on the CIPS/FIPS international rules, the international anti doping rules and the Hungarian OHR rules. BSHE places great importance on guaranteeing equal chances to all participants and to exclude random chances from the race and the final results as much as possible.

BSHE asks all participants to behave in a cultured manner, to protect nature and to avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Participants not following these guidelines will first be warned and then excluded from the event.

38. The event starts on 02.06.2013. Sunday at 17.00 [¾15], and ends on 07.06.2013. friday at 12.00 [¾16]. Total angling time is 115 hours.

39. The teams will receive a complete map of the area, including the lakebed with up to date information about depths at their arrival [¾17]. The participants are allowed to discover the area by boat, following the rules of boat usage by BSHE, before the event starts.

40. The event starts after the draw at around 13.00 [¾18], point 30 of OR, and the occupation of the pegs, around 14.00 [¾19]. Following this, the participants have about 3 hours to select and mark their actual angling spots, no boats can be used during this time. The use of fish radars and fish finders and similar machines is prohibited. The participants are not allowed to feed or fish outside ont he sides of the area marked by the sector buoys, one green and one red, unless marked differently on the event map. They can overstep their designated area in length, meaning they can feed and fis hat distances longer than 100 meters. The teams can use 2 markers. The teams can use 2 feeding buoys, if they can get them in from the shore, carrying in is not allowed. These buoys can be lit by a non-disturbing light.

41. The use of every natural based feeding material is allowed, (seeds, granulates, pelletts, boilies). In case of grains, the maximum amount is set at 50kgs in dry state, which the judges can check. No feeding stuff with live materials in it is allowed.

Sticks, spods, rockets, sling and all other tools that are based on strength and agility can be used. Feeding is only allowed within the actual angling area, unless marked on the area map. Feeding is allowed from 15.00 of the first day [¾20]. Feeding during the event is not restricted, but spods, slings and catapults (heavy feeding) can only be used during the day 07:00-19.00 [¾21].

42. Carrying in, including the use of bait boats is prohibited during the event.

43. The participants can only use boilies for bait, with a hair rig. 2 rods per angler, up to a maximum of 4 rods per team, with 1 hook on every rod. The length of the rods can not exceed 4 meters. Throwing in can only be done with the above the head method. Paste bombs can be used, minimum weight is 60 gramms, can only be used with a safety lead clip.  Braided lines can only be used as leader, with a maximum length of 80 cms.

44. The minimum size of boilies used as bait is 10 mms. The judges have the right to check the setup of every angler, even if this means drawing it out of the water.

45. No team can take part on the event without proving of being in posession of the following. Large landing net, minimum size 90×90cm’s, fish mat, a minimum of           7 storing nets, but preferably 10, fish mouth disinfectant, headlamp. The participants have to use these items throughout the whole events according to their functions. Search lamps can only be used in case of dire need, without disturbing the other teams. Every team can mark their buoy with a gentle light.

46. The teams can not ask for, or accept outside help during fighting or landing a fish. If the fish moves the sector buoy during the fight, it can only be placed at its former position by the person appointed by the judges, between 07.00-19.00 [¾22] during every day, entering the area from a neutral zone. In case of a team moving another teams buoy several times, the organizers can deduct 5000 points as penalty.

47. If the guests get involved in the angling in any way, the team can be disqualified from the event immediately. For other unlicensed behaviour, first time penalty is a 1000 point deduction, second time penalty is being disqualified from the event. Unlicensed behaviour can be: preparing setups, rigs, baiting, throwing in, fighting a fish, neting a fish, landing a fish and helping with weighting.

48. After landing a fish, the participants have to place it on the wet mat, disinfect its mouth and any other injuries after removing the hook and store it in a net. One net can hold a maximum of 5 fish below 2 kg’s, 3 fish between 2-5 kg’s, 2 fish between   5-8 kg’s and only 1 fish above 8 kg’s. Grass Carp and Barbel, because of their vulnerability, can only be stored separately. By fish mentioned in point 49, by Koi Carp bigger then 2 kgs and by barbel, the use of coloured disinfectant is prohibited.

49. Every catch of carp 10 kg+, grass carp 5 kg+, catfish 10kg+, sturgeon 2kg+, tench 1kg+  has to be reported to the organizers immediately. If the fish seems like it has a chance to become the largest fish caught, it has to be reported immediately as well, since the fish can loose weight over time. In case of need, too many fish or bleeding fish, the organizers can be asked to measure the catch between the appointed measuring times.

50. Weighting happens on a fixed stand. Only official, normalized scales can be used. All weights are in netto weight.

51. The organizers will weight and register every fish according to appendix nr. 10. Every carp above 10 kgs, Koi carp above 2 kgs and barbel will have their exact parameters written down, along with the name of the angler that caught it, and will have a picture taken. In case of exceptional fish caught during the night hours, where the anglers would like to take a picture during the daylight, the organizers can be asked to allow them to keep the fish untill then. The organizers can accept or refuse this.

52. In case of fish larger then 15 kgs, or any fish that have a chance of being the largest fish caught will have to be weighted twice, in case of a different result the better result counts.

53. For every fish caught a sheet is filled out in two copies. Both are signed by a team member and the organizer that performed the weighting. One team member must check if the fish was entered on both documents.  One sheet stays with the team at all times.

54. The weighting can be observed by participants from other teams, if they announce their intention to the sector judge.

55. Only living fish will be weighted and count towards the end result. As proof of this, the fish have to be released and swim away on their own after the weighting. Injuries or death caused by any participant can result in a 2500 point penalty, and the team will have to pay the price of the fish to the Maconka lakes owner. If, the participants neglect point 49 and do not report such fish at once and the weighting happens more then an hour after the catch, the organizers will decide about possible penalties. In case of intentional damage or death caused, the team shall be disqualified immediately.

V. Prizes and awards

56. The following fish count towards the end result. Carp, Barbel and Grass Carp above 1 kg, normaly hooked. Any other kind of fish, or fish hooked accidentaly from outside, have to be released immediately as per point 48.

57. In the end result, every 1 dkg of fish counts as 1 point, so 1kg counts as 100 points. There are no bonuses and weight corrections.

58. The winner of the event and the Europe Cup is the team with the most points. The other places will be decided according to the points as well. If the sector winners do not make it to the top 3, they will receive a special price, witth the same amount of money as the third place of the event (sector winners prize, see Prize Table, appendix nr. 7).

59. For the sake of regular objective information, every team will receive a sheet with the current results and standings regularly.

This sheet will provide them with all necessary information about the events current standings. They can compare their own results with the other teams.

60. The midtime results will be announced at the following times: 06.03.0900 (16 hours), 06.03.1900 (26 hours), 06.04.0900 (40 hours), 06.04.1900 (50 hours), 06.05.0900 (64 hours), 06.05.1900 (74 hours), 06.06.0900 (88 hours), 06.06.1900 (98 hours), 06.07.1200 (115 hours, final results) [¾23].

61. The official final result will be announced on 07.06.2013, on Saturday, at approximately 15.00 [¾24], during the closing ceremony. Objections can be handed in within one hour of this, untill 14.00 on 07.06.2013. [¾25], according to point 26 of this document.

62. The rewards, both monetary and items, trophies, cups and such, shall be paid, bought and be made from at least 50% of the amount of participation fees paid. More on this can be found in the Prize Table, appendix 7.

The 1st team gets the Europe Cup. The 1st through 3rd teams, the sector winners and the team with the largest fish will receive a valuable cup for each participant. The 1st through 3rd teams, the sector winners (if they are not among the 1st through 3rd) and the team with the largest fish will receive trophies, cash rewards and angling items. The event sponsors can offer other items (boilie angling equipment) as rewards. The participants can make prize offerings as well, which can be accepted or denied by BSHE. If BSHE decides to accept the offering, the person/team making the offering can hand it over themselves, or appoint someone to hand it over. BSHE will hand out a unique memorial coin to all participants, and has the right to reward the organizers and the crew with the same coins.

63. BSHE reserves the right to hand out other prizes, more on this can be found in the Prize Table, appendix 7.

The „Friendship and Loyalty” prize can be handed out to participants, organizers and crew members that have taken part on at least 10 events.

64. Every team, regardless of its result, can receive an official record of its performance, and statistics of its performance as described under points 59-60 of this document.

VI. Final Regulations

65. The OR will be available in hungarian, english, german and romanian. In case of missunderstandings, the english version will be considered authoritative. In case of contradictions between the OR and any appendix, the OR will be considered authoritative.

66. Any changes made to the OR will be published within 3 days of their acceptance [¾26]. The final date for changes in 30 days before the start of the competition [¾27], after that the OR counts as final.

67. In cases not regulated by the OR, the jury will have the final say.

68. Sponsors are companies or persons patronizing the event by financial or material means, media coverage or publicity. Naming and other sponsors can enroll teams, the terms and conditions concerning this are laid down in a separate agreement, appendix 2.

69. BSHE, and the patronizers and sponsors will provide the media coverage and the PR of the event, and provide the winners and certain participants, according to their results, with media coverage as well.

70. The teams can choose any name they feel like, as long as that name is not allready taken. BSHE will adress the teams by the name they chose, and takes no responsibility for the team names.

71. BSHE can limit the sponsor appearances outside of the pegs (clothing, flags, rollups etc.).

72. The presence of sponsors on the location (shooting movies, interviews etc.) is only possible with BSHEs consent.

73. Any part, or the whole, of these rules can only be published with the written consent of the organizers, and with marking its origin.

74. In cases not covered and regulated by the OR and in the case of the organizers, the paticipans, the jury or the sponsors taking legal steps, the parties agree on the jurisdiction of Hungarian courts.

75. Any cases not mentioned here shall be regulated by the governing laws of Hungarian civil code, the environmental laws, the angling laws, the rules and regulations of BSHE and the decisions of the jury. The participants shall abide by the decisions of the organizers, and do everything in their power to solve all problems and conflicts peacefully and in a sportsmanslike manner.

Be a sportsman, fight fair, let your rod bend!

Catch and release, don’t kill the future!