The Fishing & Hunting Channel

The two top fishing and hunting channels: PVTV HD and the Fishing&Hunting Channel has been merged from 15 May 2014, and now continues its successful programming under The Fishing and Hunting Channel brand name, covering more than 15 million Households in Central Europe.

”We are pleased to announce, that after successful negotiations, the two top ’fishing and hunting’ themed outdoor channels: PVTV HD and the Fishing and Hunting Channel will be merged from 15 May 2014 under a refreshed  „The Fishing & Hunting Channel” brand.” –announced Mr. Zoltán Cseke, general manager of DPO the owner of the former F&H channel.

„We are happy to inform you, that we will have a new merged content repertoire, that will be even more diversified and more interesting than the former ones” – announced Mr. Radu Morar, general manager of Tematic Cable Srl. the owner of the former PVTV HD channel.


„The merged new channel will continue to care for our viewers who are in love with nature, fishing and hunting. It will offer brand-new series and films about the most beautiful regions of Europe, and the world, for fishermen, hunters, lovers of nature and the fishing and hunting”- said Ács József, the brand manager of The Fishing & Hunting Channel. He added: “In the future we will strictly follow our successful recipe of presenting, teaching and of protecting the nature while also having fun.”



The Fishing & Hunting channel has its own crew to shoot own productions with world-famous  champions of fishing and hunting. The channel  shows not only the ‘hunt’ and the captured prey, but also puts a high emphasis on the environmental protection, the environment-conscious way of life and the respect for the values of our Earth.


In 2014 our viewers will be able to enjoy even more own productions with the collaboration of well known, popular fishermen and hunters from all over the world. We will also continue the most popular own productions, such as ‘Focused on Angling’, the ‘Master-course’ and the ‘Hunter-fever’ shows. In the IHR adventures series the channel’s crew will present not only the fishing adventures of the regional waters, but also the international ones. Our crew have visited the world’s hidden, wonderful and mysterious places, like Norway, Thailand and the Amazonas in Brasil. We will continue the Fly times season as well, the channel’s magazine that presents various ways of catching the cautious trouts and graylings.




The channel will have new season of the two gastronomic adventures shows: ’Fishlovers kitchen’ and the ’Hunters kitchen’. Our show host Zoltan Andrejszky will guide us in the most exclusive fish cuisine while Tamas Csejtei continues to invite celebrities and well known guests to share their favourite wild dishes.



We have not forgotten the most popular Fishermen either: The channel will discover the secret methods and tactics of the World and European Champions and Experts. Our event reports of Championships, competitions and Conferences/ events will also continue, to give the latest news to our viewers.



Our program portfolio will be even stronger by adding more acquired programs from 2014, including wonderful fishing and hunting films from fresh waters, seas, forests, deserts, exclusive locations and islands.


The channel is not only for the traditional sportsmen and hobbyist, but also for the whole family and nature lovers.



The channel is localized in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its reaching more than 15 million Households in Central Europe, and thanks to our partners such as UPC, Magyar Telekom, Digi Zrt, Invitel Zrt, PR Telecom, Tarr and more than 200 small & middle operators, it has more than 2 million subscribers in Hungary.