Catfish (Silurus glanis)

The largest and most widely spread predator of our waters. It is very adaptive and can survive in almost any environment, it feels at home in both lakes and rivers. The catfish prefers deeper waters with lots of availible hiding places, but the amount of availible food is far more important for them. Its can survive high water pollution and low oxigen levels.Its menu mostly consists of other fish, but it will eat every and any thing that comes within range of its mouth, it will even scavenge when hungry.


Despite its huge size, it keep a varying diet, which includes larvae, worms, snails, crabs (mostly during the summer), but mice, frogs, rats as well as larger animals, even birds are often found in their stomach. Nothing is safe from these fish. They breed at around 20 celsius degrees, which in Hungary means may-june. They choose a well protected area for laying their eggs.
The young ones reach a size of 15-20 centimeters at the end of the first year, 30-40 in their second and grow to 50-80 centimeters and 3 kilograms during their third and fourth year.  It can grow to 2.3 meters and 110 kg’s

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