Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

This fish likes cold rivers and lakes full of oxigen. It is native in Europe and America and has lots of relatives all over the earth.
In Hungary we can find some populations introduced by human hand, mostly in the northern and western parts of the country. These populations are kept up by the Fishery in Szilvásvárad, and escaped trout found their way into the rivers Szinva, Bodva and Bán.
The trouts body is torpedo shaped, covered by small scales and small black spots. The tail fin is very strong and rubbery, as the gravel on the rivers bottom would rend it useless otherwise. It has a great sense of smell and sight.


The mouth is big, contains small teeth, and with age the lower lip stretches beyond the upper one. These fish are mostly between 25-50 cm long, in extreme cases they can grow up to 70 cm’s, and can weight up to 7-10 kg. The rainbow trout breeds in ferbuary-april.
The eggs are placed in well cleaned pits, from where they spawn within a few days. The younglings feed of small insects and worms and becomes a predator as it grows. The trout keeps its habbit of eating insects even in its adult age.

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