Choosing the Proper Hookbait in Spring

After the ice has melted and the first rays of the sun start warming up the water, life comes back under the surface. Slowly, the fish are starting to take longer routes and feed intensively. In this period, the carp mostly search for food sources that are easily digestible and gives them a lot of energy. It should be mentioned that in this period when the water is warming up, the carp favor sweet baits and boilies. The One Gold products have become one of the most popular boilies for this period of the year.

The scopex-toffee flavored bait is made from high-quality carbohydrate and milk protein. It contains a large amount of ground tiger nut, a mix of broken and cracked oily particles, and ground biscuit with high fat and sugar content. In the waters mentioned above, this bait can be an excellent choice as it contains a lot of carbohydrates and it’s a great energy source.

If you want to be more successful, you can make your bait more attractive. One of the best ways to do this it to use some paste. The One pastes are basically made from boilies. You can mold them to a paste lead or a ribbed lead, but you can also put some on your hook bait Evidently, its dissolution depends on the temperature and depth of the water. A small sized bait covered with a thin layer of paste might do wonders in this period. When dissolving in the water, it releases amino acids and attractors, which makes the bait more attractive than other baits without paste.

As we all know, there are more than one factors which are needed for success. However, if we go to the shore confidently with the suitable baits, we definitely did our part of the job. When the water is warming up, I advise you to choose a good quality, carbohydrate-based bait with a sweet flavor and take it to your favorite lake.


Written by Norbert Paál

Translated by Mihály Köntös