Dressed for Winter

Winter fishing has its special charm. On a cold winter session, you don’t have to worry about the crowd not even on intensively stocked fisheries. Therefore, you can enjoy all the beauties that the shore offers. Note that the previous statement is true only if you wear proper winter clothes. Shivering next to your rod and dreaming about a warm room with a fireplace can make winter fishing unbearable. Fortunately, today you can get clothes that satisfy every need. You can spend a day near the lake in January without catching a cold. Let’s look through all the clothes that can, indirectly, determine the success of fishing in the winter.

First and foremost, let’s take a look at thermo suits. Concerning these items of clothing, there are many criteria that we should keep in mind. As we usually buy them for 5-10 years, it’s worth choosing reliable ones. First of all, our clothes should be comfortable because sometimes we have to wear them for at least 7-8 hours. Secondly, it’s important that the clothes we’re wearing should be waterproof and they should have good ventilation, otherwise you cannot use them over a long day of fishing.

Not only is it cold, it also looks good!

Naturally, the Carp Expert Neo clothes are water-repellent, so there is no need to panic if it starts raining.

The coat features two outside pockets with zippers. They are suitable for storing your valuables and your fishing license.

The Carp Expert Neo thermo clothes meet all the demands listed above. They are comfortable, water-resistant and have excellent air-permeability. Of course, they are also warm enough for winter fishing. The suit has two parts: a pair of trousers with suspenders and a classical coat with a whole bunch of smart solutions. One of them is the elongated back part, which prevents the cold air from coming in between the trousers and the coat. Thanks to this feature, our waist is protected from the wind and rain.

The hood of the coat is also designed to protect anglers from cold wind. Its zipper can be pulled up until the nose to protect the face. If you pull the drawstring tight enough, stiff headwind can’t blow off the hood.

Your face is completely protected if you pull up the hood.

If you pull the drawstring tight enough, not even headwinds can cause you any trouble.

The suspenders on the trousers can help you adjust the right tightness, depending on our height. The special design of the suspenders prevents them from falling down when you’re moving. The trousers reach our chest, therefore, the middle part of our body has double protection. The bottom part can be made completely waterproof too, as you can tighten it with the help of a zipper. If you wish, you can take a few steps in the water.

The suspenders can be adjusted with the help of a buckle and you can also adjust their length.

The special design of the suspenders prevents them from falling down when you’re moving.

The trousers reach our chest, therefore, the middle part of our body has double protection.

Everyone can find clothes for winter fishing among the Energoteam Outdoor products.

Evidently, the thermo suit in itself is not enough. You should also cover your feet and hands against the cold. The Energoteam Outdoor family offers a wide variety of clothes made of EVA and neoprene to protect your feet and hands. The neoprene socks are ideal for any kind of footwear as they are made of flexible yet extremely warm material. Thanks to their design they are the best choice for anglers with wider and higher feet. You can use them with boots too.

The neoprene socks will rise to the challenge on the coldest winter days too.

Comfortable and fits your feet perfectly. Of course, it’s also unbelievably warm.

All Outdoor EVA boots have thermo linings, which comes in handy when the temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius.

Talking about boots, they are absolutely necessary when it’s really cold, like in ice fishing. One of the most important characteristics of warm boots is that their sole is thick, which does not let our feet get frozen. All together you can find three EVA boots among the Outdoor products. They can be used when the temperature is -20, -30, or -40 degrees Celsius. They are all waterproof, unbelievably light, and very comfortable.

You can zip the bottom of the trousers so you won’t get wet when it’s raining heavily.

Warm gloves are very useful on cold winter days.

Thanks to the special design of the gloves, baiting is a piece of cake.

Finally, let’s discuss what to wear on our hands. The ET Outdoor neoprene gloves provide a brilliant solution to this problem. The finger parts are designed in a way that makes their use fairly easy. You can easily uncover the tip of your thumb, index, and middle finger. This helps you prepare your rig and bait. The gloves are of course very warm. Besides their palm is covered with a special material that allows you to grab wet fishing rods.

The clothes that we discussed above are all reliable, practical, comfortable, and very warm. They make fishing more pleasant. Not just for fanatics.

Source: Energofish