The Pike

Esox Lucius


The pike can be found in almost all of our fresh waters except in mountain streams. It can grow up to 1,5 meters and can weigh 25 kilos. Its greyish green body is covered with bright spots. In its natural habitat, the pike always needs shelter from where they can ambush their prey. In rivers, it likes weedy areas near the margin. If there is no weed, it prefers lying on the uneven bottom or next to a pier. In still water, the reed and the weed provide proper shelter for the pike. If there is water-lily in the lake, the pike enjoys staying under it. Also, it can find good shelter under overhanging trees and bushes. The pike is a typical ambush predator. It always lies in its place waiting for the prey. However, when the water gets cooler and prey fish move to deeper areas, the pike follows them. In this period, it does not have a permanent shelter, it migrates. The pike does not vegetate in the winter, therefore, it can be caught from holes too. It exhibits exceptional eyesight. It feeds on basically everything that lives in the water and does not have mercy on its own species either. The pike is an incredibly fast, gluttonous predator, and it does not make mistakes. Practically, nothing can escape its backward-pointing teeth. It usually catches its prey’s tale then it turns it headfirst to swallow it. Its gastric juice is so strong that it can break down and consume steel hooks. According to our experiences, pike bites are usually around noon. Nevertheless, in the summer it is different as most pike are caught at dawn or in the late afternoon.