Autumn Plastics

In the middle of the spinning season, it’s worth taking a closer look at all the lures available. Let’s check out some plastics which are both affordable and effective.

It’s not such a big tragedy if your plastic gets snagged up, because they’re much cheaper than wobblers, for instance. What’s more there are rigs, for example offset rigs, with which the chances of being snagged up are slim. For this reason, anglers are brave enough to cast these lures to spots where they wouldn’t cast expensive wobblers. However, these spots are often full of predators…

There are many features of plastics that I could highlight. Usually there is one particular type of plastic which introduces a new feature. To mention but one, Mann’s shad has a classic shape and it is still considered one of the best shad plastics. This time, however, I’m not going to present Mann’s plastics. L&K plastics are becoming more and more popular among anglers, because these lures have proved to be effective.

Twisters are simple but great lures. Let me draw your attention to this red color.

You can find several shape variations among L&K plastics. The most simple and well-known shape is the twister. The popularity of this simple lure has remained unbroken since its appearance. Its secret lies in the special design of the tail, which comes to life with even the smallest movement. If you want to boost the lure, I suggest placing two twisters on the same hook. The two twister tails will create double resonance! The L&K twister is called Grub Hunter and is available in 5,5 cm and 8 cm lengths.

Classic and catchy shape. This is why we’ve chosen it.

The next lure I want to present is the L&K Warrior Shad which belongs to the shad lures. It’s available in two sizes and 5 colors with lighter and darker shades. If I had to pick one species that you can catch with this lure, I would choose the pike. The pike loves Shad shapes and the wobble of this lure is just perfect for this species.

My favorite plastic is the Power Kick.

The next lure is kind of a mix, however, it’s becoming widespread. What’s more, it’s become an inevitable lure of our offer. It basically combines a Shad tail and a twister body with wide ribs on the body and a bell-shaped tail delivering an extra wobble when retrieving. For me, this is truly a universal plastic which I would take with me for my pike, sander, and Wels sessions. Therefore it’s available in three sizes: 7,5 cm, 9,5 cm, and 12 cm for huge fish.

It features strong ribs.

The big-sized bell-shaped tail guarantees intense wobble.

Got it!

The Kick is very similar to the Power Kick, but also different from it. Its body is slimmer, and the ribs are less accentuated. The bell is also smaller and therefore it has a less intense movement. There are situations, however, when only this type of lure can bring success. It is is also available in three sizes from 5 cm to 10 cm.

The two sizes of the Kick.

Both the Kick and the Power Kick have a furrow on their back, which makes baiting much easier.

Besides the bell-shaped tail, it’s worth examining flitters too.

I haven’t discussed colors and flavors. These aspects would deserve another article. However, last but not least, I must mention the L&K fish head jig hooks. They guarantee excellent hook set and you can retrieve plastics with them much more elegantly than with traditional jig heads.

The Fish Head jigs are unique on the market.

You can fix the lure shank with a small hook, which keeps the lure stable but does not damage it.

The hook does not have big barbs, so setting the hook is easier and it does not damage the mouth of the fish.

Go get it!


Written by Béla Lukácsi

Translated by Mihály Köntös