Small Wobblers

We’ve mentioned before that you can catch numerous species of small predators on ultra light tackle. You can use tiny wobblers, but small spinners, twisters, shads and spoons are also available to catch chub, perch, Volga perch, orfe, and trout. Personally, I’ve been experimenting with small UL baits which are suitable for fishing fast streams and canals. In this article, I present small sized wobblers with which I catch a lot of perch and chub throughout the year.

The bugs are flying and the chubs are hungry. It’s much easier to catch them during the warmer months.

Almost invisible lines are needed to cast the smallest lures punctually. I use a 0,18 mm line in the summer and in the winter too. It works well in all fishing situations. It’s best to use this line with a size 2000 reel and a short, needle tip spinning rod.

The Perch Blade was on the top for a decade until Wizard Tele Skill became the most popular rod. The reason? It’s much easier to transport the Wizard Tele Skill.

My ultralight favorites. Two basic types from Kamasaki and four Salmo products.

To my view, Salmo makes the best wobblers. The Tiny and Hornet are unbeatable for chub and perch. The Tiny features small amplitude. Its wobble is not too intense even with fast retrieve and therefore it’s perfect for shallow water. For example, on swims where the 3 cm-long, 2,5 g sinking Tiny can be retrieved without any difficulty, the Hornet touches the bottom. Thanks to its round shape, the Tiny makes a special sound when reaching the water, which attracts chub. Quite often there’s a bite immediately after the cast.

Retrieve it slowly in shallow water. It produces a high-frequency wobble even when retrieved at a slow pace.

The Electric Bug (EB) has been the favorite pattern in recent months. A lot of vertical bars and sharp contours.

There are situations where, instead of the quick Tiny, the slowly retrieved but intense 2,5 or 3 cm Hornet brings success. I use them especially on cooling waters or in the winter when small predators’ reaction time is longer.

The 4-cm-long, 4 g Thrill, which became available 3 years ago, is just the opposite of the Hornet. Although not too many anglers trust it and use it, I can’t think of anything better when the asp or trout need a quick lure.

4 cm-long Thrill with one of the catchiest colors (Emerald Fish EF).

If we’re looking for asp lures from Salmo, besides the Tiny-Hornet, the 2 cm version of the Lil’Bug is an absolute must. The Bug was the first Salmo which has been improved the most from all Salmo lures. Thanks to the Infinity Cast System, this lure, which weighs less than 3 g, can be cast further and more punctually than similar lures from the same category. On the surface, it creates a V shape and an extra rattle sound from the body makes it more irresistible to predators. It’s my absolute favorite in the summer when the weed leaves only a few cm wide line on the surface. This is enough for the Lil’Bug!

Superstars. Every UL box must have them.

The steep vane of the Bug delivers intense wobble but at the same time prevents the lure from sinking deeper.

Flawless lure, just like the beetle. The furrowed body creates additional microwaves.

Check out how I’m holding the rod. I’m retrieving a Tiny on a stream.

Compared to the Salmo lures, she small sized plastic Kamasaki wobblers might seem like a big change. However, when you’re fishing on a wild stream, this doesn’t really bother anyone. Indeed, the design is not as meticulous as that of the Salmo’s and the painting could be a bit better too, but trust me, I’ve caught many pike, sander, perch, and chub with the Kamasaki Perch.

4 cm and 5,5 g. This is the Kamasaki Perch. In the picture, you can see the ones that, I think, are the most effective.

High-frequency lure with an intense wobble. We can experience its unique features also when retrieving slowly. The Perch is unjustly marginalized even though it’s a real hero, which can be launched anywhere under all circumstances.

Don’t worry if it’s movement is not perfect. Adjust the ring with a pair of pliers.

Don’t be surprised if it brings a few sanders during the night.

The area after the barrage is rich in oxygen. Huge chub live here.

Big Hornet, small chub. Exception proves the rule…

In the next part I’m going to present small plastics from the UL category. Join me!

Source: Energofish

Translator: Mihály Köntös