Feeder World Record and Dream Cast over 200 m

Excellent results in the Hungarian distance casting championship.


This type of national distance casting competition was first organized in Hungary last year. Distance casting with feeder rods as an official competition was also organized here for the first time. The categories refer to the length of fishing rods (maximum 400 cm and 430 cm) and the terminal tackle, which must not be heavier than 130 and 100 g. The competitors had to cast as far as they could within the 40-m-wide sector.

This competition is a mixture of technical and physical sports as fitness, strength and technique are needed to reach outstanding distances. High quality rods, reels, and lines (according to the rules thicker than 0,25 mm and 0,18 mm) are also necessary. The audience were amazed by the extraordinary casts. Not even seasoned anglers would have thought that distances like this could be reached. In the championship, the competitors were allowed to cast three times and the average of the top two casts, measured by laser technology, determined the official results.

Based on the results, the new national champion in the carp category (there were more competitors in this one) is György Fiola with an average distance of 197,68 m, whereas the gold medal of the feeder category has been given to Attila Jurkó with an average distance of 190,24 m. The longest cast in the competition (208,22 m) was also carried out by György Fiola. With this cast, he managed to defeat last year’s champion. Attila Jurkó’s longest 194,20 m feeder cast is officially considered the longest cast carried out by a feeder rod. You can learn more about the competitors’ tackle on the Hungarian Angling Association’s website.

The Hungarian Angling Association, based on the casting division’s many years of experience, has managed to build in a spectacular element into the system Hungarian angling championships. Considering international reactions, there’s a good chance that there will be a casting world championship in the near future. The Hungarian Angling Association is grateful for the competitors and the organizers.

Translated by Mihály Köntös from the F&H Hungarian site