Lead Wobblers Against Predators

If you want to try your hand at spinning, first and foremost, you need to get some basic equipment such as spinning rod, reel, line, and proper lures for the target species. As in many other cases, there are priorities. We could continue the list with boxes, carryalls, clothing, footwear, and all kinds of tackle to land the fish (lip grips).

The Wizard spinning bag is suitable for all spinning methods including UL spinning and heavy-duty Wels spinning.

You can always find new lures on the market when the spinning season starts. Fortunately, I could get my hands on a few BLD Spin wobblers. These were the lures I put into my boxes and headed straight to a slowly cooling water. The predators were charmed by these small wobblers at the crack of dawn.

The BLD Spin is available in seven colors. These are three traditional colors.

The lead BLD Spin is available is 7 extremely attractive colors and four sizes. The smallest version is 8 g. The other sizes are: 12, 16, 18, and 20 g. The Carp version of the lure is rounded whereas the Bream has a slightly elongated body.

The most attractive colors in daytime and at night. You can find the best color for clear or murky water. The lure can be retrieved under poor visibility conditions too.

Due to their weight and aerodynamic feature, even the 8 g version can be cast far, not to mention the 20 g wobbler, which – using quality braided line – can fly as far as the eye can see. If you see surface explosions far off the bank, don’t hesitate to launch the BLD Spin!

The perfect balance between shape and weight can really do wonders. You can cast it punctually and reach remote swims.

To understand how the lure works, you have to touch it and examine it carefully. The flattened parts and the thickened line that runs until the bottom on both sides are responsible for the intense vibration, which you can feel inside your wrist even with slow retrieve.

Considering the proportions of the body, the heaviest weight can be found on the head. Thanks to this feature, the lure flies like an arrow in the air.

The sharp back gives a triangular shape to the wobbler.

This meticulous design is quite rare when it comes to lead lures. Great emphasis was put on the head and the line of the gill.

The more I used the BLD Spin the more I liked it. Its incredibly strong wobble and the way it works under the water have won me over. The double hook is a blessing on snaggy swims. The chances of being snagged up in a tree are much slimmer, but you can still easily set the razor-sharp hooks.

You can find colors for pike and sander too.

You’re going to love the most popular wobbler pattern, the Fire Tiger (FT).

2X2 never equals five. All BLD Spin wobblers are equipped with four razor-sharp hooks waiting to be set.

The BLD Carp and Bream colors are ideal for asp and there’s a good chance that you catch a few predators with them on Lake Balaton.

You can calm down asps with the White Bream.

The slimmer and more elongated Bream version of the BLD Spin is different from the Carp not just because of its shape. Whereas the Carp’s body is plain, the Bream features a scale pattern on the sides. Many anglers believe that these micro furrows can produce vibrations which fish can easily detect with their lateral line and other receptors.

A bouquet of Breams. Which one will be your favorite?

Besides the micro furrows of the body, the red spot at the bottom part of the head provides extra stimulus.

You can find three bores on the back of the BLD Spin. You can choose to which bore you want to attach your line. Therefore, you can achieve different movement and presentation. You can find the ideal lure presentation between shallow and deep zones, in the chosen retrieve range. Furthermore, the rearmost bore provides good opportunity for vertical spinning on boat.

Using spinning swivels, you can change the position of your line quickly.

The wobbler, no doubt, was in the right place at the right time.

The BLD has caught a shy sander. Although only one of the hooks was in the lip, it was secure enough.


Author: Mihály Halmos

Translated by: Mihály Köntös